Thanks again for the encouragement and the help!! You're so great in jumping out there to be so helpful, I couldn’t have found a more wonderful, passionate and caring person to help assist me with my are the best and I know I say this all the time, but it is what I am always thinking…it was a true blessing to have met you! Thanks Janna!
If you are looking for a caring, responsible, well-trained person, full of integrity and character to assist you in your business or career, then look no further. Janna has the experience and drive to be your "virtual" right hand. Janna's goal is to help others succeed in their business endeavors. She will take care of those distracting business details so that you can proceed with what you do best. My time is my most valuable possession and that is what Janna has given back to me. She knows her business well, and therefore she can help you to take your business to a new level. Janna has all the best qualities that you would desire in an assistant, secretary, or friend. I would recommend her to anyone who desires to soar to new heights their business or careers.
Janna is the perfect balance of left brain technical know-how and right brain creative insight, which is important for me as an artistic person. Simply put-she’s gets me and helps me to translate and implement my creative vision into practical terms so I can grow my internet business.
She’s my virtual personal assistant whose expertise and communication I rate as A +, in a world where I have experienced some C’s.
She’s a business partner I can count on and whom I thoroughly believe believes in me.
Wendi McNeill, Coach, Internet Business Consultant
Founder/Owner, Charli Jane Speaker Services
Charli Pickett, International Speaker & Minister
Shiloh Ministries, Inc.
Brenda Adelman, Coach, Actress, Playwright, Author
The Queen of Forgiveness
Barry L. Green
Globalist, Mission Specialist, Freedom Fighter
Janna rocks.... and I mean that in the most genuine and real way.... her commitment to serving her clients in a spirit of excellence and friendship is second to none. Her response in terms of time and quality is extraordinary.
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Janna's thoughtful spirit and practical advice have been a breath of fresh air to me. In a business world often filled with complexities and decisions at every crossroads, she is a seasoned compass pointing you in the right direction.
I've been performing V.A. duties for a few months, and am now at the place of considering taking the plunge of starting my own V.A. business. Janna has been a godsend, quite literally, in showing me the ins and outs - the "tricks of the trade", so to speak. Besides her expert words of business wisdom and professionalism, she has extended friendship and hospitality right from the start.
From company branding suggestions to website critique, and from business structure questions to ideas on what services to offer, Janna has already been an integral part of setting up my business.
Whether you're a client looking for V.A. services, or a V.A. looking for coaching tips or possible leads, Janna is your "go-to girl". I can't recommend her services enough - not to mention that she's got a heart of gold and a desire to truly serve those around her. Thanks a million, Janna
Erin Doherty, Virtualize It VA
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